Couples Counseling

 As humans we need to feel connected with one another and when we feel our connection in our partnership changing in some way we commonly feel frightened, anxious and even threatened.   Counseling with your partner during these times can be very beneficial in helping you each get a better understanding of yourselves and each other in the relationship.  Couples therapy in my practice is more than just improving communication, it's about getting a deeper understanding of where problems are originating from.  The intent in couple sessions will be:

- Deepening your understanding of yourselves and each         other.
- Learning and understanding your patterns as a couple.
- Identifying the strengths you and your partner already        have.    
- Deepening your connection to one another.

My therapeutic orientation is eclectic within a systemic family systems model. The goal of systemic treatment is to use the resources and strengths that the individuals and couple already have.  This model also is based on understanding that the beliefs we have internalized about ourselves and our relationships stem from our early experiences with our primary care givers and other significant events that form how we relate to one another and interpret each others words and actions.  I also have training in EFT  (Emotionally Focused Therapy), which uses attachment theories to help couples connect and strengthen their bond.  EFT has expanded my understanding of how to help couples connect and deepen connections (click link below to read more about EFT).

My intended role as your therapist will be to provide an environment that is safe, compassionate, supportive and encouraging for exploring new ways of understanding yourself and your relationships.

Couples sessions will be 75 minutes or 90 minutes depending on the couples request and therapists schedule availability.

More about EFT